Sexi Property Group Donate Apartments to NHS Staff in Need


Moved by the tireless efforts of NHS staff to care for others during this trying time, Sexi Property Group are offering them comfort in their luxury properties for free.

As many of our incredibly hardworking NHS staff and support workers are experiencing an unprecedented demand for their services, Sexi Property Group would like to alleviate some of the strain they are faced with.

Sexi Property Group, a part of Adore Group, have been inspired by the innumerable kind gestures and offers of support shown throughout the Liverpool community during the outbreak of COVID-19. Sean O’Neill, founder of Adore Group, reached out to his partner businesses to see what they could contribute to the overwhelmingly generous citywide response to crisis.

Adore Group, Sexi Property Group and Cleanr have come together to offer this service to those in need. The properties will be available free of charge for up to 14 days from the date of application acceptance, and at a considerably reduced rate thereafter. They will include all utilities, bedding, towels, and essentials so that there’s one less thing for our heroic NHS staff to worry about.

Sexi Property Group’s luxury properties, based in Liverpool City Centre, might be a great fit for workers of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital who are facing longer hours, shorter breaks between shifts and may be struggling to get some rest before returning back to work.

There are a large number of properties available. Video tours are available and video viewings can be offered also, making it easier for workers with tight schedules to take advantage of the offer. All property requests will be reviewed case by case and will be offered out on a first come, first serve basis, dependent on the size of property available.

Sexi Property Group strive to be different and give people what they really want. Right now, we are the most proactive agent still working every day to give all customers the support they need. We look after our tenants the best we can and want to widen this to the local community. We have set up a support line offering services for grocery/supplies, study support, transport etc and are working around the clock to ensure we can do everything we can.

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