Like getting your hands dirty? Stop reading now.

There’s nothing glamorous about letting and managing your property, from one to one-hundred, it’s a pain and we know it.

Sure, you can get a traditional letting agent, they’ll let your property (sometimes) and manage all the day-to-day stuff but when it comes to fixing an old boiler or

getting a new one, they’ll be on the phone to you to approve, and get this, pay for the work. Not so here.


We’re looking at the bigger picture.

We call it hands-free letting for a reason, we look after everything and we mean everything. You won’t hear a peep out of us, (unless you want to that is) just your rent paid to you month-in and month-out.

We’ll take your property for an agreed period and monthly rent, for that monthly rent we will let, manage and maintain your property. It’s as simple as that. No hassle, no phone calls, no getting your hands dirty.

See what we mean when we say there’s another way? Because we are your tenant, the onus is then on us to get the property let, if it’s empty, you still get paid, if the tenant doesn’t pay us, you still get paid, decorating? it’s all on us, washing machine on-the-blink? you guessed it, us. We can even include your service charge if that suits you better.

Take a look at the example opposite, this is a comparison of costs you will be liable for with a traditional letting agent and with us.

There’s another way, our way and it’s unique.

Disruptors, you could say that. Join us for the future of property letting and management. Hands-free.

Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean that it always has to be that way. Look a taxi services and B&Bs, who’d have thought? We’re shaking-up the status-quo.

What we offer is unique, we’re what you might call disrupters, we’re changing the lettings landscape, making a step-change is our mission, our mantra is ‘There’s another way’. Nobody else does what we do, it works so we’re doing more of it, this is what we were built to do, all day every day. Tempted? Join us for the future of letting and property management. Hands-free.

The Sexi way. A step-by-step guide of how it works.