We just want to change the lettings world.

For too long, tenants and landlords in Liverpool have had to put up with pretty poor service. Not so now, we’re here when you want us, 24/7.

We have 25 years experience in the lettings market, we know just how it feels, how important delivery is. That’s why we created Sexi, we knew there must be another way – a better way.

Being a Sexi Tenant

As a Sexi tenant, you can look forward to a same-day-lettings service that is second-to-none and paperless remote referencing so that you can move in straight away. You can call on us 24/7, we are your landlord so maintenance works can be approved and done straight away, no need to wait for an absent landlord to OK to costs. We have a zero percent deposit dispute for a reason.

Being a Sexi Landlord

As a Sexi landlord, you can look forward to getting your rent payment each and every month, no matter what, no voids, no maintenance costs, no hassle. Once we have agreed your let, you will literally never hear from us again, that is, unless you want to. We will look after all your letting, maintenance and even put together a programme of decorating your property at no cost to you. We call it hands-free letting.

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